Medical Weight Loss and Restorative Health Program

We know weight loss is hard BUT you’ve conquered lots of things in your life. You can do this. You have the ability to transform your life from struggle and disease into a place of joy, strength, health and abundance.
Let Us Show You How
Find your road to Total Health through an individualized program. Our Clinical Care Team will direct you every step of the way.
Real Results

I’ve lost 17.2 pounds in 5 weeks, so I’m very proud of that! I also have so much self-confidence now. Since starting this program I’m surprised at how well I’ve been able to not be tempted by stuff. In the past, I would do it for two days and say oh well, this ain’t working.  Now I have the confidence to choose something better to eat.


“I’ve struggled with my weight since discharging from the Navy – In 2010 I got out and met my future wife. Within 2 years or so I put on roughly 35 lbs then another 10 every year after.  Since starting this program I think my biggest emotional change is with my personality and anxiety with meeting and holding conversations with people I don’t know.  My anxiety has decreased significantly; especially on days where I worked out.  Medically my labs have improved greatly, cholesterol is down, blood pressure is down and fat/muscle ratio has almost flip flopped.  My knee pain is gone and I’m no longer winded from routine house work or brisk walking.”


“Since starting this program I can already tell that I am improving in my endurance and I think my energy level has really increased.”