Levels of Fitness is available to all Gym, Boot Camp, and CrossFit members!


  • Levels of fitness is a tool that our MFS’ use in training sessions
  • It is a safe and progressive way to help clients continually improve their fitness capacity
  • Clients achieve a level by passing the written test from Rejuvuniversity.com, and then passing the physical test with a MFS for any given level
  • You can start at any level for the physical test, as long as you have completed all written tests leading up to that level.
  • To set up your test out session please contact Chris at 281-1439 or Chrish@rejuvmedical.com

For Achieving a level each client will receive a certificate, colored wristband, and:

White:        Rejuv Sticker
Yellow:       Rejuv Insulated Bag
Red:           Rejuv T-shirt
Blue:          Rejuv Hoodie
Black:        2 lbs. Cannister of BiPro Protein