B.A.S.E.camp & Studio Classes

Whether you are the weekend warrior who wants to improve performance, change appearance, lose weight, or you are an elite athlete who is in need of peak performance, Rejuv Medical’sGroup B.A.S.E.camps are for you. Our bootcamps combine the science of training with your ability. Why? Well, our specialized team wants you to see results, achieve strength gains, and reach personal goals. Our B.A.S.Ecamps incorporate the latest research in diet, nutrition, and supplements to make sure your body is able to heal, repair, and reach growth in strength and lean muscle. Our Orthopedic and Sports Medicine background will incorporate sports specific and goal- oriented based programs to improve agility and strengthen weaknesses to avoid injury. A lean, fast, and powerful body is half the battle. We will also work on the mental aspects of training to enable you to relax, avoid stress, and help cope with the daily grind of life. Rejuv Medical’s  mission is to maximize your potential, both in mind and body, so that you will have the edge you need to succeed. Nowhere else can you get a solid personal training style workout at this price. You will be motivated by personal trainers to work your hardest while having fun in a group environment. Each workout will be different than the last, keeping it new, fun, and exciting! Come try 1 free session on us. We know you will love it!


Beginner B.A.S.E.camp
Where else can you find a group exercise environment focused around weight loss? This is a very unique group class offered to enrich your life and boost your energy levels through light to moderate exercises. Increase your heart rate and burn calories with ease. Our simple, everyday exercises are built into an one-hour workout session. Our certified personal trainer will encourage and motivate you to reach your weight loss goals. You will learn what is needed to take everyday activities and turn them into a calorie eliminating routine.
Intermediate B.A.S.E.camp
This group session is for those with heart and passion for the street! It is meant to surface your core talents and abilities. Everyone has what it takes to run that record 5K, or to perform at an elite level. Sometimes it just takes the environment of other winners to encourage those talents to surface. Set yourself up for victory this year as you participate in this group class. Watch the winner rise out of you as we take you through an intense core workout. Allow a personal trainer to coach you through your technique and develop a new form geared for strength, speed, and endurance. Gain a new confidence you never knew you had, and be prepared to enter your next event with a swagger!
Advanced B.A.S.E.camp
Are you ready for this? Would you have the guts to push yourself this hard? Have you ever felt your adrenaline boil? This Advanced Bootcamp will cut you open and reveal to you a true Warrior’s Heart! Never again will you be exposed to the same workout twice. Your body needs to stay confused, alert, and ready for anything that is thrown at it. Rebuild your muscle, balance, stamina, and inner dexterity. Develop courage, power, and focus. Learn to control your fatigue and leverage your body’s ability to recover. If you need the extra training to get you in the zone to tackle that mud-crawling, fire-leaping, fierce running, cliff hanging, terrain busting event- then you may want to consider this extreme team of individuals. Do not do it alone! Warriors conquer extreme obstacles by being pushed to their limits! Let’s take it to the field…

Studio Class Descriptions

Indoor Cycle
Looking for a fun, fast, rejuvenating cardio work out that will burn away excess body fat while building functional muscle groups?  Join us for 55 minutes of indoor cycling.  We challenge all from beginners who have never sat in the saddle of a bike to experience advanced cyclists!  Fun people.  Fun music.  Give it a try today!
Zen Flex
Zen Flex is a deep stretch, relaxation and meditation class.  Using stretching poses along with energy and meditation techniques we create a mind, body, spirit connection releasing tension and stress and learning tools to shift our thoughts and awareness.  Although Yoga based, it is easy to follow and is appropriate for any level from beginner to advanced.
Infrared Hot Yoga
A slower paced flow class.  Infrared heat will be added to allow you to take the poses deeper, sweat out toxins and burn more calories.
Yoga Flow
Invigorating active flow class. Move through postures with fluidity and strength.  Combines strength, balance, flexibility and rest.
Warm Gently Yoga
A class structured around rejuvenating and healing the body.  This class is held at a slower pace and focuses on stretching all areas of the body, while releasing stress and tension from joints and muscles.
Zen Flex
A mind, body, spirit class focusing deep stretching, relaxation and meditation.  Stress reduction and body techniques are used to bring about awareness and healing for both the physical and emotional aspects.
Core & More
Boot Camp style class with a combination of light weight and body weight exercises.
Total Body Blast
A full body, endurance type workout mixing cardio and strength while using minimal equipment.
Interval workout that will take you to a higher level of fitness, help you burn more calories and build endurance.
Increase your cardiovascular, strengthen your lower body and increase coordination in this new fun studio class.
Movements that focus on developing a strong core by improving flexibility, strength, coordination and balance.
Bridal B.A.S.E.camps

A party, exercise, and fun, all rolled into one! This will be another opportunity for all members of your wedding party to be social and fit! Let us get you and your wedding party ready for that big day! Your wedding party will get individual attention during these group workouts from a certified personal trainer. Your trainer will teach proper exercise and nutrition to best see results for your entire wedding party. Two to Twelve participants per session the rate doesn’t change. Call and schedule your Bridal B.A.S.E.camp soon! Available times are limited.

Customized Times
Special arrangements will be made for any group of 5 or more, that are in need of times that are more convenient for the entire party. For Example: Wedding Parties, Sport Specific Teams, Vacationers, Corporate Wellness Groups, Hunting Parties, etc.

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