Slide Medical check at the legs in a physiotherapy center. Welcome to UrgentOrtho at Rejuv Medical UrgentOrtho... What is it? Whether you have an injury that needs immediate care, or have recently been injured, Rejuv Medical is available for your urgent care needs. Don't wait any longer to live WITHOUT PAIN! check_circle Arthritis, joint pain or alternatives to surgery check_circle Sprains, strains and other soft tissue injuries check_circle Torn ligaments or dislocated joints check_circle Athletic and sports-related injuries

Slide Technology devices Contact Rejuv Medical For Appointments Please give us a Call Note: Due to COVID-19 Safety Protocols, we have temporarily reduced UrgentOrtho hours weekdays between 8 AM and 5 PM. See all COVID-19 updates here. For Appointments Call: 320.217.8480

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Sports injury Stop Living With Pain! Start Living Today! For same-day orthopedic care immediately following an injury, come straight to the source of the treatment you need at UrgentOrtho—located right within our clinic. We have the proper imaging technology to make a full evaluation of your condition quickly.