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Why do some succeed right out of the gate, while others stumble and fall? After assisting and observing hundreds of patients, our team of healthcare professionals have compiled these key components of success. We published this ebook in an effort to help you get jump started on better eating so you can get after your goals right away. We will give you the tools to help your body reach its highest metabolic potential and metabolic flexibility. We will give you the tools that all the best science and research has proven effective to get you back into that strong, resilient body and get you enjoying life to the fullest!


It can be a daunting task when you first begin your journey to better health. We know this because we have had to go through the transition ourselves. Which is why we have created the Rejuv4Lifestyle cookbook. These recipes are simple everyday ingredients, you may not have thought to put together, with foods you can buy at any grocery store. The best part is we know it can feel overwhelming to prep and cook for yourself, let alone the whole family. So, these recipes are guaranteed to fit the whole family!

Our Jump Start™ Cookbook gives you an entire week meal plan, explaining what to eat each and every day. We also give you the recipes with easy to follow explanations. We want you to start right away without having to wait for anything, drop us your best email address so we can send you 7 days of meal plans and 7 days of recipes for a healthier, leaner, more fit body!


In this amazing book, we have classified six basic elements that are designed to change your life. The six elements are: Mindset, Breathing, Hydration, Movement, Nutrition, and Sleep. We have discovered an underlying element, stress management. Stress management is unique as it shares a special relationship with each element in its own way. Influence your bodies natural healing ability by cleaning up the environment. A healthier environment allows your cells to work properly. So many try to clean up a burning building with out putting the fire out. In this short ebook, you will learn how to extinguish the fire and reverse the degeneration. This lifestyle promotes long-term health trends that create sustainable healthy families that thrive.



Many people feel overwhelmed with all the changes they think they need to make. In the world of information, “Newsletters” have lost their meaning. Newsletters are powerful articles gathered together to showcase a series of strategies. The Rejuv4Life Newsletter takes the complex and makes it easy to understand. These are fast-read articles. Explore practical and tangible lifestyle changes you can make today. Follow the latest information and prepare to stay current.  These publications email out once per month, freeing up space in your inbox.

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After having 2 kids and going through all that life has thrown at me I found myself in my 40’s, overweight, tired, depressed and honestly like it was probably to late for me to change anything about my body.  I’ve spent the better half of my life running kids to games and events, working 2 jobs, helping with aging parents and not to mention taking care of a household. By the end of my day…. I’m spent.  I see all these people around me with these amazing transformations, working out all the time and posting pictures of food that who has time to make? Plus all of that costs so much money!

Or so I thought.

When I showed up at Rejuv I was a hot mess. I was nervous they were going to tell me what I’ve been told in the past…. Eat less and workout more. Yeh, with my back and knees and my schedule, that’s not going to happen.

I was wrong.

Rejuv is the first place I have found that actually understood ME. I say me because they took the time to listen, they didn’t try to change me overnight and understood what’s been stopping me from improving my health.  My weight loss and new found health has not been overnight. And if I’m being honest, I think initially that was what I was looking for…. Overnight success, just like the biggest loser.  What I found was that it takes time, it takes the right support system and guidance to know what to do and how to do it. Rejuv gave me all of that and more. Not only do I know how my body losses weight, but I also know what gives me energy, what adds muscle, what makes me more tired and run down feeling and how to fix it. It’s like I have a road map now for my body and that is worth everything.

Thank You Rejuv for giving me my life back!  ~ Pamela ~