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Infrared Wraps
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The Power Of Infrared Wraps

Infrared wraps are the ideal way to boost your immunity, bolster your weight loss goals and enjoy the amazing and numerous health benefits, including the reduction of inflammation and total skin rejuvenation.  By using far infrared heat, you are able to get a passive cardiovascular workout, while relaxing in a 60 minute wrap and can burn up to 900 – 1200 calories per session!

Unlike other wraps systems, we combine Revision’s BodiFirm Lotion to all of our wrap packages, so you get amazing contouring results that last!

    Infrared Wrap Benefits:

    • Reduce Stress & Fatigue
    • Remove Wastes & Toxins
    • Aids Weight Loss
    • Burns Calories
    • Reduces Cellulite
    • Boosts Immunity
    • Relieves Pain & Joint Stiffness
    • Improves Skin Tone
    • Increases Blood Circulation
    • Strengthens the Cardiovascular System



     $80 / Initial Visit

    Includes consultation, assessment & treatment


    Receive up to 4 wraps per month

    Best choice and lowest cost per wrap for those visiting more than 2 times per month.

    Wellness Wraps Plan                       $300 / Month*          $75 / wrap.  Additional wraps just $50 / wrap

    * Payments must be made by monthly EFT 


    Fixed number of visits. Expire within 12 months.

    Unable to commit to regular visits?  Packages offer flexibility for those who expect to visit on average 2 times or less per month.

    Package of 8                                      $680                         $85 / wrap

    Package of 4                                      $380                         $95 / wrap


    Affordable and flexible option.                         $120 / wrap

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