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We all have a story… a story about our health. Whether it’s from a personal health experience, or a perspective of sitting back helplessly watching loved one’s deal with degenerating joints, chronic illness, Autoimmune issues, hormone imbalance, weight and obesity; many have been told there are no other options and its best for them to simply “live with it.” Does that truly sit well with you? Well, this is what fuels Dr. B’s Passion.

Prepare To Be Informed By Joel Baumgartner, M.D.

It’s your RIGHT to be informed of all the options available to you. And it’s your voice that needs to be heard. So, if not your voice, who’s…? why would Dr. Baumgartner make a difference in your health journey? Dr. B has his own story. He understands what real-life challenges are…he became your advocate when you didn’t know you needed one. Dr. B will share some insights that you may have heard before, yet guaranteed, he’ll offer you insight and solutions that to some, may seem on the far end of cutting edge.


In the premiere of HealthOvate, Dr. B will enlighten you to his story, the journey to heal from an all-encompassing format and offer real time solutions you can implement TODAY. You will be introduced to guests that have a story as well: How they championed their role in this journey and for some, and how they sought their own recovery.

In the premiere episode he will address:
A new frontier in medicine focusing on the root cause of disease and

  • What is Medical Fitness as a specialty that very few understand?
  • Why weight loss is not a marketing term but a true lifestyle?
  • Who do you trust when there are so many misleading solutions?


Recording HealthOvate with Dr. B may be easier than you think. Here is everything you need to know to set your DVR. Open your local listings or guide. Search for HealthOvate on NBC’s Local Kare 11 Station. Highlight the listing by hovering over it. Next, locate the record button on your remote control indicated by a red dot or an orangish-red dot with an “R” inside it. Press the record button once to record that episode. Press the record button twice to record the series. Series Recording is confirmed if you see multiple recording tokens appear next to the listing. It is that easy to enjoy HealthOvate on your own schedule. Use #HealthOvateNBC to participate in conversations during the show. Note: Some Provider guides have the show listed: “Paid Programming.”


In the second show you will be introduced to warriors who are HealthOvating to the next level of healthcare and with Dr. B leading, how they are making a difference in the lives of others. How one’s own challenge brings them to their deepest core and understands what taking ownership of their life really means.


In the third episode Dr. B delves deeper into what is true personalized medicine and how this IS the future of Health Care. How together we change and HealthOvate the existing system. The guests are people who work in the trenches and with their success stories prove this is HealthOvating the practice of Medicine.

The Inspiration Behind HealthOvate

Regenerate: How To Restore Your Health and Rebuild Your Body Without Drugs or Surgery

Buy Regenerate on AmazonHealthOvate was inspired by Dr. Joel Baumgartner’s Best Seller, REGENERATE. In this book Dr. Baumgartner shares a unique approach to completely change the face of healthcare. He created a 28,000 sq. ft. cutting edge clinic that is restoring health in their patients by using the body’s ability to heal itself to eliminate pain and REVERSE or better manage chronic disease including diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and body degeneration.


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In the fourth episode Dr. B gets real about our broken orthopedic model for treating chronic pain and arthritis. He reveals a new frontier in orthopedics and Regenerative Orthopedics that uses the body’s own healing Stem Cells and Platelet Rich Plasma. As a society, we are not given all the options available to us and the truth is WE CAN REGENERATE. He will show the evidence behind this new model and the lack of good evidence with the old model of pain medications, cortisone shots and surgery. You have options you have control together lets HealthOvate and change the Paradigm of Health Care.