HARDcore Success Stories

There are many reason why I chose Rejuv. First, the coaching staff is motivational and friendly. I have worked with Justin most of my time there and he knows what sets I can do that day. Or if I’m really tired from a 6 a.m. swim practice, he will put me on a different workout, but still challenging. Another reason is because of the flexibility. Every time I got work out, there is always a Hard-core class that I can join. If none is available, there is always a boot camp class going on or yoga so I can stretch out my sore muscles, or treadmills and body weights I can use. The final reason is because I needed an outstanding program that will build me mentally and physically tougher for my final year as a high school swimmer. It started in ROCORI where I broke the 100 backstroke record. And I was just getting started. Conference came and I broke the 100 back pool and conference record. Finally sections came where I took down another two records in the 100 back, the pool and section record. I finished sixth at state with a time of 52.31 in the 100 back. As I begin my college journey swimming for SCSU I will always come back for the Hard-core training sessions in the off season.

HARDcore Became More Than Training!

As a parent, I really appreciate how you work with Rachel.  She really looks up to you and would walk on fire if you asked her to.  I appreciate that you take time to talk about warming up and getting mentally prepped for competition, including eating and sleeping.  I also appreciate the life lessons that you share with her, beyond the interview questions.  The fact that you tell her that she will always deal with difficult people and how she should handle situations.  You are a very good trainer, but you are an even better person.  Thanks for doing what you do and being a great role model and a person who cares.
Rachel's Parent

Summer Training Program Takes Her To State!

Dear Rejuv Team, Thank you for working with me this summer. It has really helped so far this season and will definitely improve my times during the rest of the year. I really enjoyed having such a supportive and fun environment to work out in. All the people who work at Rejuv are some of the most enjoyable and supportive to be around. I hope I will be able to do more HARDcore Programs in the future. Thanks again for helping me this summer, I really felt like I learned many new things about working out and healthy eating.

Named Player of the Year!

Hi, my name is Isaac Pelzer, I played basketball for Upsala High School and now at Bemidji State University. Last season my dad told me about this HARDcore program and then enrolled me into it. As I participated in the program, I began to WANT to workout! The Personal Trainers were able to push me to work harder. They are AWESOME! Because of the HARDcore Program, I have increased my vertical by 3 inches and I got a lot stronger and quicker

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