Hair Restoration

Suffering from Hair Loss can be socially awkward, uncomfortable, and downright humiliating. Rejuv Medical can help you to regain your confidence by creating thicker, healthier hair. Harnessing the power of PRP, healing cells cause regeneration of miniaturized follicles, resulting in stronger hair growth.

How It Works:


Our Consultations and Procedures focus on your main goals, and affected areas. You’ll learn more about what the procedure includes, and have the opportunity to ask questions.


The day of your procedure, plan on several, comfortable appointments. Beginning with a Hair Check, we determine a baseline for hair growth before the procedure. Following this, we inject your own PRP into your trouble spots. We offer additional services to optimize your results, along with increasing your comfort.


We believe in a Multi-Therapy approach. Combining Low Level Laser Therapy, along with supplements to support your system.

Hormone Optimization

Our Nurse Practitioners can provide additional Hormone Testing to optimize your results, and balance your internal systems.

Follow up

Because we are dedicated to your success, 3 months following your treatment, we invite you back in for an additional Hair Check. At this visit, we are able to give you your percentage of overall improvement.

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Hair Restoration FAQ's

Many factors can lead to hair loss, including: Genetics, Hormonal Changes, Medications, Nutrition/Diet: Weight Loss or Gain, High Fever or Virus, Over Styling, and more. Disruption of the follicle below the surface causes miniaturization, resulting in less diameter and density in affected areas.

Regenerative treatments with PRP are designed to slow, stop, and somewhat reverse hair loss, although, they cannot resurrect dead hair follicles. Areas that have thinning hair follicles improve the most by thickening thin hairs.

PRP works by our team drawing your own blood, varying amounts based on the area of concern. Your blood is processed and separated out into platelets, growth factors and a small amount of stem cells in our lab. The solution is then injected, inserting your body’s healing cells directly at the sites of degeneration. The healing cells cause regeneration of miniaturized follicles, resulting in stronger hair growth.

It is recommended to schedule a Consultation so a member of our team can assess the affected areas, and discuss with you the best treatment options, including the procedure, Low Level Laser Therapy, and supplementation for best results. After the Consultation, they will guide you on the scheduling process.

On the day of your appointment, you will meet with several members of our skilled team to ensure your success. After drawing your blood, we will use a device to measure the hair in the affected areas, along with applying a topical numbing cream to ensure your comfort throughout the procedure. Injections in the affected area will follow, along with a comfortable technique to drive more PRP into the affected areas. Most patients describe a feeling of light vibration in the area.

In most cases, depending on the patient’s job, one may return to work or school the same day as your treatment. If, however, the job places a great deal of stress on the treated area or if there is significant post-injection discomfort, one should not return to work the same day.