Taking Time With Each Patient

Just would like to thank you for the extra time you spent answering all my questions today. Thank You Thank You Thank You....

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I would also like to thank  Dr Baumgartner for helping me get back to feeling good again. Dr B thanks for a job well done again. Its working and I feel better every day. I would like to thank the staff in the front where I check in. They are always very helpful and nice, and just good at what they do. I also would like to mention Brittney in PT she is so very nice and has answered all my emails that I have sent to her and has also made me feel good with the workouts she has given me and I believe has helped me so much Thanks Brittney! Not sure the name of the very nice lady that draws my blood  she helps keep my mind off of what is going on with the blood draw, and the time flys bye! (also hits her mark everytime!)!   🙂   She is so nice and friendly and just does a great job.   Scott I know I sometime’s talk to much while Dr B does his job , but sometimes it takes my mind off the injections and it seems to help me. I would like to apologize to you and Dr B for running at the mouth today with his students in there, talking about the Villages in Florida and what people were saying about what goes on there. I think the pain pills I took were really working. I will try to keep it sensible next time.  SORRY!  But anyhow thanks again to you Scott and Dr Baumgartner for making me feel so much better. I thank the whole crew at Rejuv Medical You People are the best .. Thanks – Anthony

Back In The Game!

When Charlie Lawrence, a local high school star track athlete, first fell victim to a sport related injury, he was devastated knowing he was going to be out for his senior state meet.  His mother brought him in to be seen by Dr. Baumgartner.  He had a strained quad and pain in his knee, keeping him from performing on the track. One week later, after a series of neuropathic pain treatments, Charlie was able to compete at the state meet and took 1st in the 3200 meter event!
Charlie's Mom

Feeling Better Than Ever!

I have been suffering from intense lower back pain.  I went to see Joel Baumgartner and after some nerve treatments and physical therapy I am feeling great! I am pain free and feeling better than I have in a few years! I am able to get back to my active life. I am very grateful for Dr. Baumgartner and his staff. I have seen several other types of doctors before and nothing helped. My results here at Rejuv Medical have been amazing, and I am beyond grateful!

Suportz Success Story

Gerald Bauer was first introduced to Dr. Baumgartner through a close family member of his. After seen the success of his relative, he decided to do something about the pain in his knee.  “I found it very difficult to go up stairs because of my sore knees. Embarrassingly, I had to go up just one step at a time, I felt like a little kid.” said Gerald. He received Supartz (a lubricant) Injections in both knees, and his results were predictable. “I get around a lot better, I feel like I am 40 again!”

Sports Medicine Success Story

Thanks to one of my local sponsors, Rejuv Medical.  Dr. Baumgartner and the team have helped me through the “speed bumps” so I am able to make it to the stage at my best.  To read more about my entire story, visit my Spot Light Page.
Christie Mader

PRP & Prolotherapy Success

Mary Levinski first heard about Dr. Baumgartner from a student she sat next to in class who had recently shadowed Dr. Baumgartner.  “One day I was complaining in class about some sport related injuries that would cause pain in my knee and in my shoulder. That’s when a classmate introduced me to Rejuv Medical. I was treated with Platelet Rich Plasma Injections and Prolotherapy, and had a series of neuropathic pain treatments done as well. I can do things now I thought I would have to give up like volleyball, aerobics, etc. My pain is gone and I can enjoy so much now due to the treatments I received.”

Stem Cell Regenerative Treatment Success

Ernest Rodriguez sought out Dr. Baumgartner, through an online search, when he first was told he needed to undergo a partial knee replacement due to Osteoarthritis.  He checked in for Stem Cell Treatments and had both Platelet Rich Plasma and Stem Cell Treatments to his knee. After a few weeks here is what Ernest had to say, “It’s freed me to play with my grand kids without hurting. I’m now free of pain medications.”

Reduced Pain, Gives Patient Her Life Back

“I am so happy to share my success story to help others. I was in so much pain 24/7, I was on all kinds of pain medicines and over the counter meds, too.  I was forced to grab the walls for balance and to walk. I cried many nights because I couldn’t sleep from the pain that seemed to be attacking my entire body. I wish that I had come to Rejuv Medical sooner, for it may have saved me from having a right knee replaced. Recently my left knee started to hurt and it became unbearable. I thought I was going to suffer like this for the rest of my life. Dr. Joel Baumgartner has cured me, I am practically pain free! I’VE-GOT-MY-LIFE-BACK! for those of you that are reading my testimony, please do not keep putting off coming here like I did. If I had come sooner I could have avoided all the suffering throughout my body. Thank You Dr. Baumgartner and staff!

Untreated Knee Pain, Now Treated!

After being part of an externship at Rejuv Medical, Tracy quickly learned of the success Dr. Baumgartner was seeing with his patients.  She had pain in her knee that she left untreated for some time. But after her externship she became a patient herself and had Dr. Baumgartner treat her pain. “My knee feels better than I EVER remember it feeling!”

Weight Loss Success Leads To Balanced Hormones & Reduced Medications

Nancy Jochum came to Rejuv Medical seeking out ways to lose weight and to find solutions to her chronic medical concerns, so she could find enjoyment in retirement.  Nancy began her journey just a few months back with Dr. Baumgartner MD, Susan Schneider RN, & Christine B. CPT, her results were astonishing and predictable. Nancy has since lowered her Hemoglobin A1C from a 10 to a 6.5 without medications (This is a diabetic test). She has also improved Creatinine levels (for optimal kidney function). Finally she has since stopped all diabetic medications. When Nancy began, some of her first concerns were, “I hate exercise, I do not like the thought of it. I do not even like the sound of it. AND I never will!” Our staff greeted Nancy with a new term, and we had “dance sessions.” Nancy stopped one of the staff members and said, “You would have never guessed, but I feel I am eating Humble Pie. Rejuv Medical has changed my perspective on life, and I enjoy EXERCISE and Healthy Eating. Thank You!”

Un-Benched Due To Injury

Dear Dr. Baumgartner and Rejuv Staff, I decided I absolutely needed to stop what I was doing and thank you, as I’m getting ready for Jonah’s graduation. Jonah dislocated his left shoulder twice in the beginning of his junior year of football. Other orthopedic physicians assured us Jonah was finished with sports for the year and would have to undergo shoulder surgery. Jonah and our family was adamant that he did not want surgery, so we started doing research. We found your clinic and were attracted to the treatments available to us, we were comfortable with the advice we were getting because it was coming from an Orthopedic Physician. After working with your staff and following your directions faithfully, Jonah was healthy enough to get back into basketball his junior year with a the help of a shoulder brace, and by his senior year, he was back in football without the brace where he played tight end with 500 yards receiving and middle linebacker with 85 tackles and 32 assists. His senior year of basketball he averaged a double-double. I didn’t intend for this to be a bragging letter, but we know none of it could have been possible without the help of your clinic. Now Jonah has amazing high school sports memories.
Michelle H.

Supartz Lubricant Success

Not only does it work- I expected it to work to some degree, but it’s amazing! The Supartz shot into my knee has totally stopped it from popping. Hasn’t happened once since the shot. It has been happening half a dozen times a day. And painfully. Now, no pain! An ache, but dull, where I received the shot. I’m sooooo happy!! Thank-you,

Susan is well on her way to success!


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I had been stuck for over a year trying to loss weight with a nationally well known Weight Loss program.  I needed something new and someone pushing me.  I also have chronic rheumatoid and have over a dozen pins or joint replacements – I needed the help of a qualified trainer to help me get mobility back in parts of my body.  A third reason I checked out Rejuv was because of my illness I was on heavy and expensive medicines which I wanted to get away from.  I went to Rejuv looking for a new approach to my health. HOW HAS THE PROOGRAM AT REJUV MEDCAL CHANGED YOU LIFE? First of all I am only half way to my goal.  So far I have lost enough weight and body fat to have gone down two pant sizes which is nice.  I just generally feel better.  However the big thing is I have discontinued taking some drugs and have learned to take certain supplements and eat healthy quality food in replacement of those drugs.  I found out I was Gluten Intolerant and my joints are not swollen any longer just by eliminating gluten from my diet. I am also working out again and I am not just talking about my time with a trainer.  I am biking again and walking more.  Things are moving in me old body that haven’t moved for years. I am not at my goal and yes some days I want to give up but the support and encouragement I get from the Rejuv team keeps me moving forward….check back with me in another 6 months!!

Chronic Neck And Back Pain Success

Before Kitt came to Rejuv Medical, she was experiencing chronic neck and back pain. Along with that, debilitating migraine headaches. All sparked from a near fatal motor vehicle accident. All these pains left Kitt tired all the time. After seeing Dr. Baumgartner, Kitt very seldom has headaches, and her back and neck pain has diminished to almost eliminated. Kitt also decided to participate in the Adult Boot Camps and has since lost 25 pounds, taking her overall state of health to a new level. “I love the way I feel, I have more energy, my debilitating migraines are gone, and I can wear clothes three sizes smaller! Thanks for helping me get my life back!”

Nerve Therapy Helps Reduce Lower Back Pain

Kathy was a patient of Dr. Baumgartner’s when he was at Abbot Northwestern.  She tracked him down when lower back pain was keeping her from daily activities such as, walking, sitting or sleeping.  Here is what Kathy had to say after a series of Nerve Therapy. “I am now free of pain and able to do everything I want to. I highly recommend this treatment.”

A Nerve Block Success Story

Jane Wampach was in to see Dr. Joel Baumgartner and was treated with Nerve Block Therapy in her lower back, hip, and neck. The results were life changing. “Prior to my visit, I was suffering from Chronic Pain and I was unable to sleep, walk, sit, or stand for very long. I couldn’t even go up or down stairs without a lot of pain. A friend of mine had been in to see Dr. Baumgartner and avoided a surgery after experiencing amazing results with his knee, hearing this; I was convinced I needed to be seen. The results were amazing! I am now able to walk, sit and stand for as long as I need to, as I used to be able to do prior to when the Pain started. Also I can do the stairs PAIN FREE!!! Better yet, I am sleeping better. Thank You Dr. Baumgartner, You’re Fantastic!”

Stress & Chronic Fatigue Success Story

After hearing about Rejuv Medical through North Crest Gymnastics, John decided to see Dr. Joel Baumgartner and Susan Schneider and was treated for stress, after noticing extreme fatigue, lack of energy and loss of weight. “At Rejuv Medical, Dr. Baumgartner and Susan Schneider quickly diagnosed, and verified through testing, my stressed and fatigued conditions. They treated me and confidently stated my normal energy levels would return and I would literally feel years younger. They were exactly correct! Looking back through years of work, I realize I suffered from the insidious nature of stress, but never had my prior bouts of stress diagnosed or treated; until my visit to Rejuv Medical.”

Scar Tissue Is Not A Barrier

After her sister-in-law had great results with treatments and workouts, Laverne Cigelske decided to see Dr. Baumgartner for nerve therapy in her lower back to find some relief for the pain and to help with past scar tissue. “Prior to the therapy, I could not do any of the common house hold chores, like painting walls in a total room, dusting, moving light furniture, etc. But now I can.”

Getting her life back after 20 years of Chronic Pain & Headaches

The care I am receiving at Rejuv Medical is life-changing…they look at healing the whole body. I have had chronic neck pain & migraine headaches for 20 years. My body is producing new tissue as a result of the PRP treatments I am receiving and I am regaining strength from the physical therapy exercises. The next phase will be looking at how my internal systems (adrenals, hormones) are working. I truly feel like I am getting my life back again. ——– I hope you’re all doing well at Rejuv.  Just wanted to send you a quick update-I am continuing to do great!  I don’t have neck pain and I am able to do so many things without getting a headache-it’s amazing-the PRP has truly changed my life! I had a 6 month follow-up appointment last week with the neurologist I’ve been seeing for 11 years for headaches and I am doing so well I don’t have to go back for a year. Thanks & take care,

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