THE  H A R D C O R E    M I S S I O N    S T A T E M E N T  
The Rejuv Medical HARDcore program is designed specifically to maximize sport performance for athletes through evidenced-based strength and conditioning practices. The HARDcore program is structured to overload each athlete through appropriate training stressors and maximize recovery through fatigue management. Our HARDcore program is implemented to do just that through the use of Phase Potentiation, which is science-based training phases in a logical sequence to achieve lasting improvements by emphasizing on certain physical characteristics. the HARDcore program is tailored specifically to meet every athletes needs through various training methods to prepare them physically for competition and reduce athletic injuries. Our talented training staff is dedicated to providing a safe and effective sport performance training solution where our athletes are our number one priority! Our Hardcore program professionals implement safe training strategies and emphasize proper technique instruction, maximizing athletic development in a safe and challenging environment. Our unique program provides the best training solution through an integration of experts in all areas of performance including sport performance, sports medicine, orthopedics, functional medicine and fitness. By enrolling in the HARDcore program, an athlete is choosing to maximize their athletic potential through peer-reviewed, evidenced-based training methods. Our passionate and dedicated trainers with the Rejuv Medical HARDcore program will work diligently to help each individual athlete obtain their athletic goals! Can’t come to us? No problem, we also offer our “Outreach Program” where we send our coaches to your location, offering a convenient and effective training solution. Please contact us for more information!


Andy Folz

Andy Folz is a Medical Fitness Specialist at Rejuv Fitness and took over leading the HARDcore program this spring. Andy has almost 15 years of strength and conditioning training experience in all levels of athletic competition from high school and college to semi-professional football and the Minnesota Vikings.

“I’m from the small Southeastern Minnesota farm town of Spring Grove and have been active in sports all my life,” Coach Folz said, “I was a 3-sport athlete in high school where I played football, basketball and baseball and had the opportunity to be team captain for all three sports which is where I really learned to mentor younger players.”

Coach Folz’ passion for athletics and fitness led him to pursue football at the collegiate level. “I was recruited to play running back for St. Cloud State University and was inspired there to make athletics my career. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Recreation & Sports Management with a coaching minor.”

During his time as a collegiate student athlete, coach Folz also spent time as a Marketing, Sponsorships and Operations intern with the St. Paul Pioneers, a semi-professional football organization. “I had the opportunity to play with the Pioneers for three seasons after I graduated which was a great experience,” Coach Folz said.

In his personal time, he has expanded on his passion for health and fitness through different avenues including powerlifting, bodybuilding, CrossFit, mud runs, 5Ks, hiking and chopping wood. He also enjoys traveling, gathering family and friends for events, attending rock and heavy metal concerts, playing darts and practicing his guitar.

Trevor Ziwicki

Meet HARDcore Instructor Trevor Ziwicki. For five years, Trevor has been a member of the Rejuv Fitness Medical Fitness Specialist team where he leads high-energy bootcamps and does one-on-one and small group training. Growing up in a big family in Foley, MN, Trevor was always on the move and could often be found playing frisbee or softball or climbing trees on the family property. Today, he is still an avid outdoor enthusiast with a passion for physical activity and teaching people how to be the best they can be, inside and out.

“I like self-improvement,” Trevor said, “I truly enjoy when people grow, succeed and thrive in overcoming challenges! I appreciate hard work in a physical fashion. Self-growth and personal development all starts with mental toughness. Once we get your mind right, your body will follow!”

Trevor obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Health and Fitness from the Minnesota School of Business and was a member of the community education fitness team at Foley High School before completing an externship at a physical therapy clinic where he honed his skills for rehab and prehab exercises for patients of all ages and abilities. Proper movement is the core of all of his fitness instruction. “Having proper form and proper movement are the key to preventing injury and obtaining long-term success in any sport,” Trevor said, “Better movement is the base of everything I teach. Move well, then move often!”

HARDcore clients are one of Trevor’s favorite groups. “Kids are always full of energy and willing to jump right in and get started with something new,” Trevor said, “We just fine-tune that energy and talent and take it to the next level. We want to mold those good habits early so they can keep them for life. I get such peace of mind knowing I’m teaching them how to achieve their goals the right way.”

When Trevor is not changing lives at Rejuv, he can still be found fine tuning his frisbee skills, playing softball or climbing trees. “If someone could lose a cat more often, that would be great!” Trevor said.

I definitely made more progress in a shorter amount of time. I could see the difference and feel the difference right away. I think it’s because we focused so much on correct technique.


I wanted to get in shape for pre-season and did this program.  I couldn’t believe the results by following this program in just 6 short weeks!

St. Joseph