private and semi private training

Private Training

Working 1 on 1 with a Medical Fitness Specialist is the best way to get your specific fitness goals met. Your whole program will be based around your specific needs, whether you want to:

  • Lose Weight
  • Strengthen & Tone
  • Train for a specific event and / or competition
  • Sport specific training
  • Train for specific Levels of Fitness

We ensure that each workout is tailored to you, your specific needs, and according to any current limitations you may be experiencing. We help hold you accountable both inside and outside the gym.

Semi Private Training

Small group training is a fun and effective way to reach your health and fitness goals. A Medical Fitness Specialist will lead you and your group through great workouts, and provide education and accountability for nutrition.  The group atmosphere enables you to feel challenged and keep motivated when you might otherwise might quit.  You’ll enjoy a great workout with the added bonus of great camaraderie from the other group members!

Certified Personal Trainers


Chris Hanson, CPT

Fitness Director


Christine Brown, MFS

Medical Fitness Specialist Manager


Kim Swenson, CPT

Medical Fitness Specialist


Trevor Ziwicki, CPT

Medical Fitness Specialist


Amanda Crawford, CPT

Medical Fitness Specialist


Kylie Vatthauer, CPT

Medical Fitness Specialist / Corporate Wellness Coordinator


Tanner Neubauer, CSCS-NSCA

Medical Fitness Specialist

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