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Functional Medicine

Rejuv Medical is a leader in the industry of Functional Medicine. Our client based is derived from individuals, of all walks of life, throughout the world. Functional Medicine simply means that we are using evidence based science to keep people younger, stronger and healthier for a longer period of time. As we age, certain hormonal systems start to become unbalanced. These imbalances cause us to age, age quicker than normal, or appear older than we are…


What Factors Influence Weight?
  • Genetics – Those that have 1 obese parent have a 50% chance of being obese, those that have 2 obese parents, 80% chance. Genetics definitely plays a part in our weight.
  • Food sensitivities – Inflammation in the body is highly associated with weight gain. Those who are off food sensitivities, without changing anything else, drop 7-8 pounds in first month.
  • Environment – Access to parks, trials, gyms. Bombarded food ads, food for celebration, stress, etc.
  • Prescription drugs – Anti-depressant, anti-seizure, birth control, prednisone can factor into weight gain.
  • Behavior – Family habits of exercise, eating, what and when we eat. Changing that is very difficult.
  • Sleep – Poor quality sleep will lead to weight gain.
  • Hormones – Messengers that affect body processes and are very interactive. An imbalance affects other hormones. Can influence appetite, metabolism, fat distribution and obesity.
What Hormones Can Influence Appetite, Metabolism, Fat Distribution & Obesity?
  • Leptin – Produced and released in the fat cells. It tells the brain to suppress appetite and burn calories. It is responsible for long term regulation of energy balance. High levels of Leptin shut off hunger. When dieting, less leptin is produced and actually increases appetite. In obese people, a lot of leptin is released but there’s a problem with the signal to the brain, and you continue to eat.
  • Leptin’s partner is Gralin – Faster acting hormone released from stomach cells. High levels of Gralin stimulate hunger, slows down metabolism, slows down ability to burn fat. The way to reduce higher levels is to eat.
  • Cortisol – Released through the adrenal glands.  Also know as the stress hormone. It is the body’s natural anti-inflammatory drug. When cortisol is at higher levels, an insulin surge happens and you store fat, experience an increase in appetite and have an increased risk for tissue breakdown / osteoporosis. If the body is stressed for long periods of time, the body gets exhausted and can’t keep up with demands, and that leads to chronic fatigue.
What Are Common Cortisol Producing Stressors?
  • Low blood sugar
  • Pain inflammation / tissue damage
  • Work, family relationships, finances, etc.
  • Long term stress which leads to issues in digestive system
My Tests Are Normal, Why Do I Still Feel Tired And “Not Right"?

Have you ever gone to your health care provider with symptoms of fatigue, weight gain, anxiety, insomnia and other symptoms only to be told your test results are normal?

Hormone, vitamin and metabolic imbalances can cause many of these symptoms and more. Testing for imbalances sometimes means a more comprehensive screen than usual. People often have improved or resolution of symptoms when “normal” levels are optimized.

Assessment of lab results as well as lifestyle are key to getting better. Diet, exercise, sleep and stress management all play a role in how well our bodies function.

At Rejuv Medical we can check labs, discuss lifestyle and treat symptoms with a comprehensive approach. Make an appointment with one of our nurse practitioners to get started on your journey to health!

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