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Skin care experts agree, long term internal and external inflammation leads to skin damage, and most importantly, skin aging.
Inflammation is caused by many factors, such as trauma to the skin, medication, hormone shifts, or food sensitivities, but the biggest stressor to the skin is sun damage.  Sun damage accounts for about 80% of our skin’s aging process due to poor daily protection, years of exposure, and previous sun burns.  Inflammation in the skin manifests itself in many forms, but the most common are: redness, irritation, sun spots, laxity or sagging and wrinkles. While we cannot completely reverse this damage, we can repair it, and slow the aging caused by inflammation.  Repairing damage can be achieved through home care products, and in office treatments.  Start by using a sunscreen daily.  This helps to block and neutralize the sun’s harmful rays from damaging the skin, causing inflammation.  Repairing the skin with Vitamin C and a Retinoid will help to prevent further damage.  Not all Vitamin C and Retinoids are created equal, check with your skin care professional to find the correct product for you.  Controlling internal inflammation is just as important.  Try anti-inflammatory supplements, such as Omega-3’s to not only reduce inflammation, but keep skin and joints hydrated.  Maintaining and improving overall skin health with use of professional products and supplements is just as important as preventing damage from happening in the first place.

On the other hand, creating controlled inflammation can work to your advantage by repairing damage, having an anti-aging effect.  Using an in-office MicroNeedling device such as DermaPen will create controlled inflammation in your skin to help repair damage, smooth skin texture, shrink pore size, even skin tone, smooth fine lines and wrinkles, and stop sagging skin in it’s tracks.  MicroNeedling can also reduce scar tissue by remodeling collagen in the area.  With little to no downtime, the skin will begin to look brighter as early as 2 days post treatment.  Best results are seen 3 months after a series of 3-4 treatments.  There are many at home devices that can cause minor inflammation in the skin, but please, leave this type of treatment to the pros–the at home devices can cause too much inflammation, leading to redness, irritation, and further collagen breakdown.

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