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The word Vampire conjures thoughts of fangs, darkness, blood, and for some reason, fantastic skin.  Vampire facials sound painful, frightening and bloodcurdling!  Googling this term produces even more terrifying results.  No, Rejuv Esthetics is not celebrating Halloween early, we are talking about a popular service that has been advertised as a “Vampire Facial.”  While Rejuv does not own the rights to call this particular treatment a “Vampire Facial” (please forgive us for using this term!), we have perfected a treatment that is very similar, and is considered a non-surgical facelift.

Rejuv Esthetic’s works closely with our clinic team to provide 2 non-surgical facelift services, called the BioLift Facial, and the BioFirming Facial.  These treatments harness the power of your body’s ability to heal and regenerate healthier tissues, resulting in firmer, more lifted skin, with a younger looking shape.  By combining PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) with Micro needling, the BioFirming Facial is born.  This treatment begins with a lab technician drawing your blood (no, they will not be using fangs for this!), then being processed to separate the activated platelets, growth factors and healing cells.  Immediately following this, a member of the Esthetics team will “stamp” the PRP into your skin with a Micro needling device, driving the PRP deeper into the tissues for regeneration of younger tissue, new cells and new fatty tissues.  All of this results in increased collagen and elastin production, improving texture and tone, for healthy, flawless looking skin, with little to no downtime!

If you are looking for even more lift, the BioFirming Facial can incorporate injections of PRP into areas of degenerated facial tissue, to become the BioLift Facial.  As we age, our facial bone structure changes, and our fatty facial tissues are redistributed, causing a hollowed, droopy look.  By injecting PRP into these areas of lost volume, it provides immediate gratification for a more youthful shape to the face, resulting in a younger appearance.  The PRP will go to work to regenerate tissues in the area to give long lasting results, all without the downtime and cost of a traditional facelift.

Rejuv Esthetics recommends having a series of 2-3 treatments for best immediate results, and following up every 1-2 years thereafter to maintain your new, youthful look.  After all, we want your skin to look ageless, not have you become one of the ageless.



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